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Algo Trade Volatility

with Options

using Skipper

Trade Volatility of any listed instrument

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The What

Skipper is an automated trading platform that helps active traders trade volatility of any listed instrument using options.

The Why

You can trade the pure volatility of the broader market with VIX.


But trading the pure volatility of a single instrument, such as Apple Inc. (AAPL), calls for actively managed delta-neutral options strategies.


Managing them can get complex, very quickly.

The How

Skipper helps traders actively manage or automate the full lifecycle of complex delta-neutral portfolios with real-time trading.


delta-hedge portfolios

Skipper automatically delta-neutralizes your portfolio so you can focus on trading...more

Set conditional order entry

You can set conditions for a multi-legged order and Skipper will place your order through your brokerage account when the conditions are met...more

Track complex custom spreads

Create your own custom spreads to be automated for monitoring  and order executions...more

Auto-manage order execution as the bid/ask moves

You can place orders with aggressive/ conservative/ moderate pricing as per your views...more

Analyze portfolio risk with your forecast IV

You can anlayze the impact of your portfolio risk with forecast IV and maturity any time before option expiry..more 

Use your existing brokerage services

Your trades are executed in your existing brokerage account using their API. No need to open a new trading account... more

Practice with paper money

Skipper can be used for paper trading which helps in testing your volatility strategies before committing capital...more

And much more..

Skipper comes with a lot more features...

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